Early days:

GORTAL was established in 1996 by Chryste (guitar). The first line up was completed a few months later: Cukier (vocals), Chryste (guitar), Patryk (drums), Bengarek (bass) and Major (guitar). From the very beginning the band has been devoted to classic death metal with a touch of the US style. Gortal started to play gigs in spring of 1998. In 1999 the band played with Krabathor, Yattering and others.


In February of 2000 Gortal entered Spaart Studio and recorded its first demo entitled „Spawn of Hatred”, which consisted of 6 tracks of classic death metal. Despite some production and performance failures it was well received by the underground community. In summer 2000 a new drummer, Hellrizer, joined the band.

In May 2001 Gortal entered DBX Studio and recorded „Unleash Hell” promo. It consists of 4 tracks of classic death metal characterized by more advanced technique and arrangement than before. Once again Gortal enjoyed good reviews in Underground press, which noticed band’s skills and potential. The promo was released in Poland by Apocalypse Production in 2002.


Blastpheomous times:

In December 2003 Desecrate replaced Hellrizer on drums. It was the most important event at that time. In late 2004 and early 2005 Gortal entered Kokszoman/Zlota Skala Studio and recorded 3-tracks demo entitled „Blastphemy”. At that time Chryste successfully took over vocals. The music became more raw, brutal and faster. Underground community once again gave positive feedback to „Blastphemy”. The band gave live performances with Azarath, Fleshgore and others.

In November 2005 Gortal started to record a full-length album „Blastphemous Sindecade” in well known Kokszoman/Zlota Skala Studio. The band finished recording in early 2008. Tracks were produced by Maciej Miechowicz, a former member of Kobong. Heinrich (Vesania) performed on bass as a special guest. The band’s music became more violent. It contais total blasts, specific guitar riffs, drilling guitar solos, furious and aggressive vocals, brutal and loud bass. The album is a 30 minutes long sonic attack divided into 8 tracks. Majority of Polish bands try to play old school-style music or a modern one. „Blastphemous Sindecade” finds a middle ground. Lyrics are full of blasphemy and complete negation of religious dogmas. Listen to this music loud or die!

In the meantime Gortal supported Vital Remains and celebrated its X Anniversary. The current line-up: Chryste (guitars, vocals), Major (guitars), Desecrate (drums) and A.D. Gore (session bass). In the second half of 2008 Gortal signed a contract with Pagan Records.

„Blastphemous Sindecade” was released in November 2008. In the same time Gortal participated in split with other polish deathsters Centurion. This limited stuff was released by French independent label Gorification Musix/Death Metal Mania Prod. In December 2008 Gortal shared the stage with bands such Unleashed and Krisiun, during Warsaw’s gig of Hammer Battalion Tour Europe 2008 and played some gigs in few polish cities and towns: Wrocław, Gliwice, Lublin, Ostrowiec and Bilgoraj.

Gortal 2008

Deamonolith era:

In the meantime Gortal started to create some new music and finally entered Progresja Studio in June 2012 to record „Deamonolith” . The recordings were completed in autumn of 2012. New opus conatains of 9 crushing deamons. Expect merciless blast beats, crushing tempo shifts, thrilling riffs & solos inspired by ghosts from true heyday of Death Metal of early 90′ties. Deamonolith’ date of release is 6th of December 2012 via Pagan Records.


New album: „Deamonolith”