Chryste / Gortal
Born: 1976

Place of birth: Warsaw

Crime Weapon: Guitar and throat

Status: Band Founder, CEO & Composer

Pastime  activities: Fishing

Inspirations: David Vincent, Ross Dolan, George „Corpsgrinder” Fisher, Azagthoth, Chuck Schuldiner, Karl Sanders.


Major / Gortal
Born: 1976

Place of birth: Warsaw

Crime Weapon: Guitar and live backing screams

Status: Composer, Main Lyricist, Minister of Propaganda

Pastime  activities: Sports especially long distance running

Inspirations: My Daughter, Kerry King, Lemmy Kilmister, Trey A., Robert Vigna, Chuck Schuldiner, Tony Lazaro, Dave Suzuki and many more.


Desecrator / Gortal
Born: 1982

Place of birth: Warsaw

Crime Weapon: Drums of death

Status: Composer & Art Director

Pastime  activities: drumming & blasting

Inspirations: Gene Hoglan, Krzysztof „Docent” Raczkowski, Chuck Schuldiner.

New album: „Deamonolith”